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My name is Rosella, the creative mind behind this community. Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, my dream job was to become a Medical Doctor. After many years of study and sleepless nights, I did it. I got my Medical Degree back in 2003 and then, I got my specialization as an Anesthesiologist in 2008. For many years I was happy working in what I love to do, and I thought I will be always doing that, but things change, right?

In 2014 I made the difficult decision to leave my country, friends, and family to look after a better future. I knew I wanted to live in the United States, and this led to another hard call, I wouldn't be pursuing my beloved career there. I decided to open a business, something new, different and very challenging.


With time, I started to practice my English, the second language I learned when I was a kid, and never spoke. I was negotiating the purchase of a franchise that will open doors for me in a new country and also, will open my mind to a new industry, and a new career. 


This new business career got me interested in marketing, branding, signs, printing, and graphics. After a couple of years in the business I went back to school and got myself a new degree, as the Class of 2018 MBA Marketing Management at San Ignacio University, great experience, a lot of learning and meaningful friendships. Quite an accomplishment! A new Degree, in a different language, in a different country and in something that was unknown for me, but that I have fell in love with.


Now, I combine my two passions, my calling to help people and the use of my experience and knowledge in branding, marketing, signs, printing and, graphics. I can help individuals or companies to develop their brand identity from scratch or to re-brand. I will make the best of the creative process and the functionality of the design to expand the reach of the brand.


I love to get to know my clients, to understand the passion behind the brand, so we can translate that into an image and into the tangible and intangible elements people will remember when getting to know and use their product or service. We want our customers to become fans of our work, as we will be their fans too.

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