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Updated: Jun 24, 2019

In the creative process of the brand identity, the first step is to define who you are and ask yourself questions about you, your business and your product/service.

For example, what is your business about, what is your product/service, are you going to be an online-only business, will you have a storefront, what about packaging, labels, uniforms, business cards, signs, etc. Think about the present and the future, how far you want to go so you can plan the right way now and save time and money later.

Find a catchy name for it or just a simple one, but one that delivers a clear message and doesn’t create confusion. Once you have all that figured out you will have a good view of the present and future uses of your brand so you can explore designs that can be both functional and good looking.

The challenge will be to work with the creative team in developing a visual identity that will identify your brand in a way everybody can relate to it, remember it, that will stand the passage of time, and most importantly, that can be used in the wide range of products that will become the tangible elements to promote your brand or business.

It is important to keep in mind that less is more and simple is better, easy to remember, eye-catching, free from distractions, good for production and cost-effective.

Now color, but not the colors you like but the one that shows what the brand is about and can evoke the feelings and emotions in your target audience.

I would recommend not to use more than two or three colors, avoid shadows or special effects, so the logo can be used consistently on all platforms. The exception to this might be that your presence will be online or printed only, however, this will limit your growth and expansion, and probably you will have to spend more money in the long run because you will have to change the design eventually for something more versatile.

From being in the sign industry, I have come to understand that most graphic designers are masters in their area, but they don’t know a lot about how signs are produced, and this limits their designs and what we can do with them.

Be patient, the creative process is a process, takes time and needs teamwork. Do not expect to be wowed by the creative team, be open-minded, be an active participant providing feedback to guide the team working with you (as far as we know, there are no human mind readers, not yet at least) and have fun.

When giving birth to your brand or business, be willing to invest time and money to create something that will become a classic like the one with the bitten apple or the one with the golden arches.

Does any of this resonate with you? Please let me know in the comments below

Thanks for reading me, until next entry!


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