My First Time!

Hello everybody, Welcome and thank you so much for being here!

There is a first time for everything and believe me, I have had many. I will not go over all of them now, just this one in particular.

First times are scary because of the uncertainty of the outcome, I mean you don’t know what you don’t know right? The whole idea is to be courageous and go through your first time doing something with no expectations, giving your best and enjoying the process. You will be surprised; you may win a lot from it.

This is my first time sharing my knowledge and experience from something different than Medicine, my very first time building a virtual community with hope in creating a platform where we all can support and help each other. But it is not my first time dreaming about a new project to be successful and become more than what I expected.

Being completely honest, I never thought this would happen, however, with time passing by and all the things I have been learning and trying, I felt that may be the time to explore even more! It feels like the right time to do this.

Now I am online! I have a website, blog, videos, I am creating content, growing a personal brand, starting a new business, making my life a little bit more complicated, but you know what, it is ok! I like this side of me, and I enjoy helping people whether is sharing my knowledge or by doing something for their benefit.

It is my first time designing a website. I must confess I don’t know anything about that, nevertheless, I am enjoying this learning process, that might serve later to help others in different ways. I am using and so far, so good, very intuitive.

This is my first time blogging, meaning that I am writing down a lot of my thoughts in the most simple and sincere way. I am practicing my written English, and I know it may not be perfect, maybe a bunch of mistakes, but that won’t stop me to share and create with you. There is always a chance someone will learn from my experience or relate to my story.

On this website, I will share other first times, anecdotes, tips, useful information about all the things I love regarding having and running a business, branding, marketing, signs, printings, and graphics! If you want my opinion or advice about a specific topic, list it in the comments below, it will be a pleasure to start a conversation.

I hope you enjoyed my first time! Why don’t you tell me about one of yours?

Thanks for reading me, until next entry!


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