To create or not to create? That is the question.

What is creativity? According to, it is “ the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.”

Important highlights from the concept are imagination and artistic work. This means that it is not something automatic and implies a thoughtful and unique process that will be different in every opportunity.

Steve Job said that “creativity is just connecting things”, what things, right? These things can be anything you feel or experience in an environment that surrounds you. Creativity can be fueled by many things, but not all of them work for everybody.

Each person has a different way to connect with their muse. For some people is a matter of what time of the day they feel more awake or productive, others are more structured, and they plan on when and how they will be creating. For most of us is just a matter of start doing something even if we don’t feel like it and the creativity will flow.

One of the first steps to awake and feed our creativity is to observe in detail the world around us, and from it to take all the elements we can use to build around the idea we have, those elements will be the things we need to connect. They may be colors, shapes, people, textures, sounds, pictures, etc. Our world is full of stimuli that can feed our creativity and imagination.

When there is like a creative blockage, we may just need to go out for a walk to feel and observe our surroundings, we may find the way back to the idea we were working on and add more to it. Also, watch a fantasy or sci-fi movie, read a book or just listen to music can trigger creativity as it changes our state of mind.

Creativity is a process and sometimes not an easy one, even more, when it is used to translate ideas or thought of other people.

Each person has a different interpretation of the same information, this relies on the way they are getting the message, their state of mind, and the general subjectivity of the process itself. Therefore, it is very important the feedback that you as a client can give to the creative team, as you will be the compass guiding the direction, they will take to successfully meet your goal or vision.

Communication is key, creative teams must be honest and specific about how the process work, what the clients can expect from them and what you will expect from them. This way the creative process flows accordingly leading to a final product that both will love and be happy with. There are no mind readers on this equation.

Have you been a part of this process? On which end have you been the creator or the client? Please let me know in the comments below,

Thanks for reading me, until next entry


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